How can we help you?

We try to plan our programmes and calendar of events for the coming season well in advance and have a number of diary dates available when we could perform for worthwhile causes within reasonable driving distance of Nottingham. If you belong to an organisation and are looking for a quality attraction to:

  • help with your fundraising activity
  • celebrate an anniversary
  • entertain at a family/works event

then we would be pleased to hear from you to see if we can include your event in our list of engagements.

We charge a small fee to cover our expenses (the costs of our rehearsals, pianist accompaniment etc) but apart from that all the money you make on ticket and raffle sales is yours - an easy way to raise around 500+ and have a great time doing it!

Just check out the attributes/quotes on the quotes page from others who have enjoyed our concerts - you too will be delighted.

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