Music samples

We recently recorded some items at our Christmas concert. As we sort out the recordings or re-record pieces we will put a few samples here.

My Lord what a morning - The Bluecoat men sing a close harmony piece.

Christmas Lullaby - A beatiful piece by John Rutter.

These are the signs - This was written by one of our choir members, Stephen Godward. It is dedicated to another of our choir members Jean Krzeminski who is singing the solo in this performance.

It’s a grand night for singing - from the musical State Fair

This little light of mine

Hallelujah - The enormously popular song by Leonard Cohen

Cabaret - from the musical of the same name

I’m reviewing the situation - Fagin's song from the musical Oliver sung by Stephen Godward

Show me - Elizah Dolittle’s song from My Fair Lady sung by Krzeminski

Think on me - sung by the ladies of the Bluecoat chorus

My Evaline - A male barbershop number by four of the Bluecoat men